About Me

Welcome to my blog. Herein I plan to document my fetish of masturbating (individual or mutual) with one or two others at a time.

Why masturbate with others? Consider this…

All About Masturbation

Sex surveys have found that people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations masturbate. Stimulating one’s own genitals, often to the point of orgasm, can relieve sexual tension, reduce stress, induce pleasure, enhance sexual satisfaction with intimate partners, and promote rest and relaxation.

Although masturbation may conflict with some religious or cultural teachings, solo sex rarely has negative consequences. Masturbating doesn’t result in pregnancy and only rarely increases the risk of an STD, usually when sexual toys or other objects are used. It is common for people to masturbate alone or in the presence of a partner.


I am a fit bi male living in Houston TX. I hope to enjoy masturbating with as many other fit (from Bodybuilders to Swimmers) people as possible.

Zero personal information on this blog. Period. Ever. Amen.

If you’re interested in making a post with me please reach out at my contact page.

Live it up!

Houston Jack